Proving that Thom Tillis is out of touch with North Carolinians, the News and Observer reports that Tillis gave his staff members 27% raises shortly after hiring them.

Speaker Tillis misled the public by publicizing his office's commitment to cuts in January and sneakily used taxpayer money to raise salaries without the public knowing.

Speaker Tillis gave pay raises at the same time that he cut per pupil spending to near last in the nation, down with Mississippi.

While Speaker Tillis slashed the salaries of Smart Start employees by nearly half, he handed out tens of thousands of dollars to his own staff.

Speaker Tillis made cuts to community colleges, pre-school, healthcare for poor, but he approved a 27% raise for members of his personal staff.

We can't afford the one-cent sales tax to make the right investments in North Carolina, but Tillis says the state can afford a 27% raise to pad the pockets of his political allies.

All of this in the middle of a budget crisis while other teachers and state employees have not seen a raise for nearly 3 years and Republicans forced major cuts to the environment and mental health.

Thom Tillis gave a staff member a raise so fat that it could have been used to hire a full-time teacher for our children.

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    House Speaker Thom Tillis in the last few months handed out raises as high as 27 percent to half his staff after vowing in January to set an example for others in state government by cutting his office payroll.Tillis' general counsel Jason Kay got a 27 percent raise, from $110,000 a year to $140,000.
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